Philosophy of

We rigorously follow the rules of sustainable manufacturing, named otherwise ‘the Principles of Green Chemistry’ to make sure that our soaps are eco- and health-friendly.

For that reason we have imposed a strict ban on palm oil and palm kernel oil. This is our silent protest against logging of rainforests, destroying of ecosystems and filling them with a growing number of oil palm plantations. This ban is our choice and hopefully a small contribution to preserve ‘the Green Lungs’ of the planet and the still existing biodiversity.

Our soaps are packed in minimalistic, recyclable cardboard boxes in order to reduce waste volume. Just remember that all our soaps are SLS/SLES free. And they are not tested on animals.

The cold saponification manufacturing processes used by us are energy and water efficient methods; thus reducing our carbon and water footprint. All the soaps we produce and sell under our own brand are fully handcrafted (hand-made, hand-cut and hand-wrapped or hand-packed). Finally, the soaps crafted by us are fully compliant with prevailing EU standards regarding product’s safety.

All the ingredients we use to craft our soaps are of natural origin, with no chemical additives whatsoever. We have safety data sheets for all of them.

In order to put our eco-friendliness policy into a more common practice and to be in line with the manufacturing sustainability, we have decided to ship our products to customers into large, reusable carton packages as of June 1st, 2022.

We can easily get these packages free of charge from some market stores as useless cardboard waste after their goods are removed from storage, unpacked and put on shelves.

Normally, such empty cardboard boxes are considered to be single-use outer packaging only and may end up at landfill sites if not sent to waste carton paper recycling plants.

We think that some clean cardboard packages which are not damaged, stained or covered with tapes and labels could be reused by us for another shipment. Meaning also shipment of our products.

We wish it was our small contribution to the environmental protection.


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